Walden 7                                                                                                  
Barcelona, Spain 

Interview with Alexandra Olivella
A Language Coach who is also a resident of Walden 7

Commissioned  as part of the Iconic Buildings series on Archinect (Live early 18)

A friend and I went to visit Alexandra at Walden 7 while we were on holiday in Barcelona in late November. Walden 7 is a completely different experience; it doesn’t feel like a building, it feels like a futuristic vertical village. In the evening light the building becomes possessed, with apertures at every turn inviting in the landscape and maze like bridges and tunnels echoing with unknown footsteps above and below. 

What time of year do you most enjoy the building?

I enjoy all seasons. The roof is perfect for winter time, spring awakens all the colours again and you can listen to the birds inside the courtyards. It is so hot in summer time that I am thankful for the design of the architecture as it surrounds and protects me from within, keeping me cool. And in the Autumn, there are perfect skies and beautiful fading light.

Peace is essential to me,
I usually get it here.

The entrance is monolithic.
I felt ill-equipped without a code word.