Studio Egret West 
London, UK

Architecture and Urban Design Practice
Studio Visit feature on Archinect

For this Studio Visit I went to see Studio Egret West, based in the heart of Clerkenwell.

After the full tour, David West sat down with me to tell me more about the practice he founded with Christophe Egret nearly thirteen years ago.

Company ethos?

David: One of the most important things to us is that we are a studio, with a studio environment, rather than an office environment. Any person that walks through the door here whether they are a client, collaborator, designer, a member of the community - they get that. We all design together, and it's been that way since we've been in this office.

Christophe is an architect and I am an urban designer. We were actually referred to as the odd married couple when we first started the company!

Pets allowed?

David: No.

Actually, I don’t know…

(Asks Christophe, who furiously nods his head)

Christophe: I would quite like a dog actually…

David surprised, seems fairly indifferent but concerned by the potential mess “you want a stinky wet hound”… a marital tiff ensues.

We believe in frameworks
rather than masterplans.